Amrep’s manual Drop Frame Side Loader, for residential applications is available in 25 to 36 cubic yard body sizes on 2 or 3 axle chassis with hoist ejection. Amrep's manual side load trucks are part of the Hardox in my Body program and feature a unique shaped body for a simpler, cleaner design, providing more strength and long wear capability.

Standard features:
• 13” high hopper sides for low pitch in height
• 11” high packer blade with automatic computer-controlled packing
• 10 second cycle time with 4” bore cylinders
• Full follower plate
• Crusher panel
• Hardox wear strips on packer guides
• Front engine or transmission PTO pump drive

• Semi-automated dumpers
• Enclosed hopper
• Deeper hopper sides with larger packer blade
• Cylinders for recyclable materials