Amrep’s HX450 Automated Side Loader is available in 30 to 36 cubic yard body sizes with full push out or hoist to dump ejection. Since the automated arm’s mounting position is integral with the body, it provides the best weight distribution and highest payload. The arm can also dump and return the container from any position without retracting the lift arm. Because the container travels vertically up the arm until reaching the hopper, spillage is minimized.

The dual packer system incorporates our popular full follower design, providing the ability to dump containers while the packer is compacting. The lower eject blade acts as a second floor, preventing trash from dropping directly on the hopper floor. This reduces wear to the hopper floor and allows quick floor replacement by simply replacing the lower eject blade.

The packer is controlled by Amrep's proprietary computer packer system that can be preset to automatically pack after the desired number of containers has been dumped. The computer also has an automatic dump feature to eliminate any spillage behind the blade.

The HX450 automated side loader’s unique shaped construction, using 1/8" Hardox® material, allows for a simpler and cleaner design, providing greater strength and longer wear life.

Standard features:
• 1/8" Hardox® body construction
• Chromium / Hardox® overlay wear plates on packer guides
• 6-yard hopper capacity
• 0 - 109" automated arm reach
• Patented self-leveling clamping system keeps the cart level during the dump cycle to prevent spillage • 30-60-90 gallon cart capacity with a 500 lb. lift capacity
• 10-second dump cycle
• Patented dual packing blade system with full follower prevents trash from getting behind the blade, reduces maintenance costs and increases packing capability
• Inside electric-over-air or pneumatic controls are ergonomically positioned to reduce driver fatigue and repetitive motion. Amrep’s standard right-hand controls are also adjustable for drivers with longer/shorter reaches
• Modular electrical system with computerized packing system and display provides onboard diagnostics with quick troubleshooting
• Double lip rear door compression seal and drip catch help prevent leakage
• Positive locking rear door latch prevents unintended door opening
• Dual integrated deceleration valves help prevent arm and cart damage when dumping
• Plug and socket weather-resistant wiring harness and computerized body electrical system with on-board diagnostics allow for easy troubleshooting and part replacement
• LED lighting package with mid-body turn signals
• Available in 2, 3 or 4 axle chassis with diesel or alternative fuel configurations

• Hydraulic hopper cover prevents trash from blowing out of the hopper as the truck is traveling
• Front / transmission-mounted hydraulic pump idle system
• Onboard scales