Designed primarily for residential collection of waste, organics and recyclables, Amrep offers both manual and automated side load refuse trucks. All Amrep side load refuse bodies use Hardox® AR450 175,000 psi abrasion-resistant high tensile steel in the floors, sides and roofs to increase strength and durability without added weight, allowing you to maximize your payload. Amrep is a proud member of the Hardox in my Body program, a symbol of refuse body strength.

Amrep side loaders are designed to be simple to operate and maintain. Amrep’s standard right-hand controls are adjustable for drivers with longer/shorter reaches. Controls are also ergonomically designed with the driver in mind and key components that require maintenance are easy to access.

These trucks are built to take on densely populated areas with easy in-cab controls and a patented arm design on our automated models for effortless maneuverability. Features like on-board diagnostics, pack-on-the go and quick cycle times help you complete your route quickly and efficiently.